Best way to track your body stats

Gym-Tv.Net | post by gymtvwpadmin In Cardio, Fitness 12th May 2015

Registering on GYM-TV.NET gives you the possibility to upload your training from your GARMIN sports watch including your burned calories during the training. You have been to the GYM or you did some other sports, without usage of your GARMIN sports watch, just add your burned calories manually to your training plan. Add your calorie consumption and use our calorie table. If you do not find the food or beverage you want to add, just write an email to info@gym-tv.net or insert the food in the form provided in the calories table area, and we will add it to the calorie table.
In your members profile check your trainings, calorie consumption from the last 7 days, 14 days, 6 months or 12 months!
And the best of all – your sports diary is for free!

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