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Cupping Massage

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The cupping massage is considered to be one of the most pleasant massages out there. It is a centuries old treatment and will help to detoxify and relax the body.
Some oil is applied on the skin for lubrication so the cups can easily slide on the skin. Between 6 and 10 hollow cups are heated up and get placed on the skin. A vacuum is produced that pulls the skin into the cups. The cups are slowly moved over the body, softly sliding over the skin, and get placed on critical points. The diameter of the cups opening can differ greatly. Where the skin is pulled into the cups, small hematomas will occur because some blood vessels will burst and the blood will flow into the skin underneath the cup. The blood vessels are widened and the blood circulation is stimulated and even endorphins are released.


The metabolism, the blood flow and the inner organs get stimulated. This leads to the relaxation of muscles or even spasms. Headaches, painful back aches, muscular tensions and sclerosis as well as circulatory disorders can be treated and healed in this way.
The muscles are warmed up which leads to relaxation. Because a warm feeling of relaxation is produced, it can be applied to treat stress symptoms. It can also be used on cellulitis because it works on developing fat cells by stimulating fat burning mechanisms. The cupping massage can also be applied to straighten the connective tissue and to treat scar tissue or stretch marks. Even acne can be treated.

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