Fitness and joy of living

The World Health Organization defines Fitness as a condition that includes physical performance and the development of stamina and coordinating abilities such as strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination. Above all fitness is also about a physical and social component, about health and wellbeing.


If you are older than 35 years and haven’t done any sports in the last few years, it is advisable to get a sports medical examination. Essential components of this examination are an assessment of medical preconditions, a physical checkup including an orthopedic check and a stress test on the ergometer, including a lactate test. Also a blood test and a lung and muscle function test should be components of the examination. Based on the results of the examination and on your physical condition, the physician will suggest appropriate types of sports and will also suggest a grade of intensity and frequency for the training.

Training theory

From a sports medical point of view, a combination of endurance and weight training is advisable. A well-developed corset of muscles will help to protect you from injuries during endurance training. Strong muscles will protect joints, joint caps and ligaments. Intensity and frequency of training should be in accordance with your training goals and needs. Try various strength and endurance work outs and take at least three times 90 minutes per week to perform your work out. Results will start to show after three weeks.

Endurance training will improve the body’s ability to perform over a longer period of time. The cardiovascular and the immune system, the hemogram and the lipometabolism will get better and your endurance will significantly improve. Simultaneously the stress level will decrease and you will feel good. Regular work out will reduce or eliminate risks like hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and obesity.

Strength and weight training will help to lose weight and will speed up the metabolism. This effect can last for up to 24 hours after the work out. The training will also eliminate muscular dysbalance – disproportionate relation of muscular strength – and osteoporosis, because it will improve the density of the bones. Regular weight training will improve the values of the blood lipids; cholesterol and triglyceride level will decrease, the good HDL-cholesterol level will improve. It will also prevent muscular atrophy. Starting at the age of 30, every year one percent of the muscles will be lost without work out.

 Agility and Coordination training leads to a better physical wellness because the sequence of motion will get more precise and economic. The risk of injury will decrease and the speed of reaction will improve. Stretching exercises will help to improve your range of motion. Especially for sports like ballet, dance or the likes, good stretching is absolutely essential.


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