Precautionary medical check ups

Here you can find an overview of age related precautionary medical check ups for women and men.

Women from 18 biannually: Skin cancer

Men from 18 biannually: Skin cancer

Women from 20 annually: Cervical cancer

Women until 25 annually: Chlamydia infection (can lead to infertility)

Women from 30 annually: Breast cancer

Women from 35 Years biannually: Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, other anomalies

Women 35 Years: Check-up 35 (blood and urine test)

Men from 35 Years biannually: Check-up 35, diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Kidney diseases, other anomalies

Men from 45 Years annually: prostate cancer

Women from 50 Years annually: colon cancer

Men from 50 Years annually: colon cancer

Women 50 to 70 Years biannually: Breast cancer

Women 50 to 55 Years annually: colon cancer

Men 50 to 55 Years annually: colon cancer

Women from 55 (second examination after ten years): colon cancer

Men from 55 (second examination after ten years): colon cancer

Women from 55 biannually (only if a colonoscopy has not been performed): colon cancer

Men from 55 biannually (only if a colonoscopy has not been performed): colon cancer

The cost of the examinations is usually covered by the health insurance. Retrieve this information today. Do you have any questions? Please ask us at info@gym-tv.net

Health and Wellness

In today’s world physical inactivity is wide spread and thus fitness training has become essential to improve the health. The aim is to sustain and improve the functions of the body and the endurance. When recovering from an accident or disease, preventive and rehab training can work wonders.

Health sports help to improve the physical, psychological and social condition. Improvement of endurance, strength, agility and coordination is the primary target. This can only be achieved through hard training. Atrophy of the muscles is the result of physical inactivity. Muscles are there to be moved. Resting the muscles is therefore counterproductive.

Sports and motion therapy are a holistic procedure for patients with disturbed physical, psychological and social conditions. Rehab after an accident or disease is achieved through kinesio-therapeutic measures that convey joy in exercise, body sensation and self-perception. The goal is to motivate the patients to develop a health focused behavior that goes beyond rehab training hours and hospital stay.

Sufficient exercise and motion alongside a balanced diet, successful stress management and responsible use of tobacco and alcohol will help to protect the health. Brain and heart get more efficiently supplied with blood, if you use your muscles once in a while. Learning abilities and concentration will also improve.

It is scientifically proven that physical activity reduces the risk of coronary disease. Lifestyle diseases like hypertension, osteoporosis, joint wear, obesity and backaches can also be prevented by physical activity. Endurance training will strengthen the immune system and make you happy. Working out together with others, will help to establish a social network that will prevent loneliness and isolation.  Conclusion: regular work out prevents diseases and improves wellness and the quality of life.

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