sound massage

Sound Massage

Gym-Tv.Net | post by gymtvwpadmin In Wellness 14th July 2017

Many Nepalese people believe that when a body swings in harmony, it is a healthy body.
For the sound massage the recipient should wear comfortable clothes and lie down on a massage couch while the presenter is starting to induce vibrations of the sound bowls.
The bowls are then placed on different spots of the body.
This way one can experience how the sounds and vibrations start to radiate through the body.

Sound massage works because the human body mainly consists of water through which the sound waves which are produced by the sound bowls can radiate.
Many people experience this effect on problematic spots like the lumbar spine, between the shoulders or on the feet as very pleasant and healing.
Originates from Vedic teaching. The sound bowls have their origin in India and Tibet.

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