Periosteum massage

Periosteum Massage

Gym-Tv.Net | post by gymtvwpadmin In Wellness 14th July 2017

Reflective massage of the periosteum.
During a periosteum massage soft pressure is applied on the periosteum. The muscles overlaying the periosteum do not get affected by the massage. The Periosteum massage works locally and reflective and is soothing for the inner organs.
It stimulates the blood flow and it improves thus the cellular regeneration of the periosteum. Reflectively inner organs are activated by the stimulation of the periosteum.
Inner organs are connected to certain regions of the periosteum. This effect is well known from feet and head reflexes. Painful disease processes can be soothed through application of a periosteum massage. Through the application of soft pressure the regeneration of the stroma of organs is stimulated.

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